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The DataCleanse dashboard exposing the full picture.

Our proven experience delivering solutions for data empowered organisations has allowed us to develop the all-knowing DataCleanse dashboard.

  • One location
  • Real-time updates
  • Access anytime
  • Campaign lists
  • Dashboard homebase
  • Traffic statistics
  • Campaign responses

Once you are securely logged-in to your DataCleanse dashboard, you will be able to view your live campaign or any one of the archived campaigns to review and compare your results year-on-year.

Individually assess each campaign and each phase within your campaign will summaries of your EDM’s performance and engagement numbers.

Judge the effectiveness of your messaging, offers and see what is resonating with your audience.

The Dashboard is where clients can track their campaign’s progress in real time. It contains statistics relating to the campaign including open rates, responses, clicks and unsubscribes. It also contains statistics from previous campaigns for benchmarking and comparative analysis.

This screen allows you to view all locations and devices a campaign was accessed from and can be exported separately from the main database.

All responses to any data updates, extra survey questions, or other specific information added to a campaign will be recorded. This data can be viewed and filtered, and, as with all dashboard pages, it can be exported separately from the main database.

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