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data segmentation

How Data Segmentation Can Have Amazing Impact On Your Marketing.

Why is Data Segmentation such a big deal?   It is an era of personalisation and relevant content. Gone are the days where you can …

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Cookies – what are they and why you should know?

What are cookies?   By now, everyone has heard the term “cookie” and understands that unfortunately, this does not always mean a delicious treat. We …

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types of data

Data Measurement Scales and Different Types of Data

As we discussed in the first part of this article – the different types of data, we can divide data into two main categories – qualitative …

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types of data

Revealing Master Types of Data

Data is a significant part of the modern world. Businesses depend on it as it helps with most of the marketing-related decision making. We have …

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Conversion path & DataCleanse

A detailed insight of a conversion path within a DataCleanse

This blog about conversion paths and how a DataCleanse can assist in that process.

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data cleaning and data analysis by datacleanse

The Importance Of Data Analysis In The Modern World

Data is just a part of a solution to a problem, by itself, it is meaningless. Data is used to get statistics and measure your success in your marketing efforts.

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