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How clean data helps your business, and how to
achieve it.

Many companies believe that about 30% of their data is inaccurate, and as a result, about 20% of their revenue is lost.

It turns out that data quality has a direct impact on the conversion rate from lead to customer. Having a clean and up to date database ensures you maintain a high email deliverability. This aspect alone, helps you better nurture your existing leads. 

Having your database up to date also helps you better qualify your leads. You can take appropriate action in a timely manner.

As we knoe, data quality is crucial for the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. This guide will help you understand how you can tie data cleaning into your campaigns, and regularly update your database.

Importance of keeping your data clean.

The importance of data in the world nowadays is enormous. 

Everyone is collecting data, as much and as detailed as possible. This will help create statistics that help measure their success, target a specific segment of their audience, or realign their actions to meet their goal. There are many ways to use data.

But there is a problem – data has a due date (metaphorically speaking). It gets old, things change and the information you’ve collected becomes out of date. Unfortunately this is resulting in incorrect data, giving you incorrect statistics.

The remedy for that issue is systematically updating your data and keeping it clean. There are many data cleansing or “data sweeping” services out there that offer their assistance in various price ranges. 

As a standard approach – the database will be updated manually, or a program will compare the information to other legitimate sources. This results in an updated database to the extent of what it can find and compare against.

MMR has been offering DataCleanse service for many years. As I just mentioned, there are many Data cleaning services out there, but we haven’t found one that works quite like ours.

Carlton Data - DataCleanse

How the DataCleanse process of cleaning your data actually works.

At Datacleanse, we have come up with a completely new approach to updating different size databases.
This method is primarily focusing on databases with people’s details – Name, DOB, phone number, address, etc.

The idea is that everyone can update their details themselves, ensuring you will get the most recent up to date data from the most reliable source (and poor Sally won’t have to manually update the whole spreadsheet of 20,000 lines!)

Our approach is to update the database as a part of an EDM campaign. Each person in the database (who has provided an email address) will receive an email that links to a unique landing page consisting of their details. The recipient may then choose to either confirm or update their details.

When clicking on “Update and confirm” the landing page talks directly to the live database in our system and updates it in real-time.

Couple of points to mention here:

  • Personal information like date of birth will be masked in the EDM for security reasons.
  • Contacts who have not provided their email yet, can receive the campaign as a text message as the landing pages are fully responsive and optimised for mobile use. For this scenario, we would skip the EDM part, and take them directly from the SMS to the personalised landing page.

The whole campaign usually consists of the initial send, then a reminder send for the segment who did not update their details and also an SMS send for the people who have not supplied their email address.

DataCleanse it’s so easy…

Step 1

Send us your existing databases and let us know what data you would like to clean or capture.

Step 2

We then design and develop an online campaign that encourages your audience to respond.

Step 3

An eDM goes out, followed up with an SMS message directing your audience to update or confirm their details securely online.

Step 4

We then send back the updated databases, easy, all done!

In the end, the campaign will be closed off, and the updated database will be returned to the customer.

What about data security?

At DataCleanse team, we take the matters of data safety very seriously, hence we have strict protocols and processes in place to ensure no leaks are possible.

In the beginning of the project, our team will provide you with a secure link and a token, to access a completely unique secure portal where you can upload your database.

The data will then be uploaded into the secure DataCleanse machine and attached to the campaign where it will be updated live.

At the end, we will use an encrypted link sharing service to send back the updated database under a double lock and key. Once you confirm that you have received it and everything is to your liking, we will delete the original Database from our records.

Messaging opportunities for your Data cleaning campaign.

Since this is an EDM campaign, you can be in control of the messaging. Have you figured out the best way to talk to your audience, the right tone of voice? 

This is something that you should definitely keep in mind when preparing for this campaign, as this is quite an important aspect of the campaign and it does have an impact on the level of success.

You can also tie this together with a separate message, perhaps there is a new event coming up that you would like your audience to know about? 

Maybe you can include an incentive to get better results?

For example: Update your details to enter the draw for two free tickets for our next event! (whatever that maybe)

By running this campaign, you are hitting two birds with one stone, you are updating your database, while also making them aware of your next event/ new product/ new service/ etc.

To take this further, you can make the data cleanse as a part of your conversion path.

Let’s say your aim is to sell tickets for an event. 

The incentive for the “Update your details” campaign could be free tickets. 

However, you can include specific messaging or additional incentives into the campaign, to funnel people towards purchasing the tickets sooner.

Perhaps they get a discount promo code for updating their details as a surprise bonus?

NRL data cleaning

Add to your information base.

Another great benefit to this is that we can include additional tick box/drop-down questions to your campaign.

For example, we do a lot of data cleanse campaigns to AFL clubs, and they often ask additional questions to learn about their audience. In one campaign, they had a drop-down question, asking the recipients who their favorite footy player was.

We have also included tick box options, to be able to subscribe to a service via this campaign. You can also have additional incentives for answering these additional questions.

There is a lot of playroom with these campaigns, and so far, they have been highly successful.

It would be a good idea to do some research into different types of data and what type of data would be most beneficial for your company to gather about your audience.

Data collection analytics

Track your results with analytics.

One of the key elements for success, is to have measurable goals. And what better way to measure the success of your campaign, than with some in-built analytics.

Once the campaign goes live, we will provide you access to your campaign dashboard, where you can see all the actions live. 

It will show you the number of opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, and updates in real time at a glance.

If you wish, you can also see the geo locations of where the campaigns have been opened. All the stats can easily be downloaded as excel spreadsheets directly from the dashboard.

Segmenting the Database.

In nowadays marketing strategies, the right tone of voice and personalised approach is very highly valued.

Just like with any other EDM campaign, you are able to segment your database and include some different variations of the EDM and Landing page messaging.

Let’s say you are dealing with different membership types and there is a special offer that you would like to include, but it only affects one one of the membership types. Not a problem, We can do two different EDM and Landing page designs and include the extra bit of messaging or a tick box for one.

You will be in charge of segmenting the database, naming it clearly and providing it to us as separate lists.

The same goes for many different types of scenarios, let’s say you would like to add additional questions to gather more data on your members, but are interested in different aspects for different member types. 

Again, not a problem, we will simply create different versions of the designs, and send to the corresponding segments.

What else is possible with Data Cleanse Campaigns?

The above pretty much sums up a basic Data Cleanse campaign, but if you are interested in what else is possible, have a look at my article – How to include Datacleanse as a part of your conversion path, as it will provide some insights into more possibilities.

Find out how Datacleanse can work for you.

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